Sunday, May 11, 2008

fine arts in beijing

A good weekend for fine arts in Beijing --

Katharine, a sophomore Physics/Dance double major, has been dancing with a professional dance group in Beijing for the past few weeks. So we went to see her perform on Saturday! It was quite interesting; the choreographer is Chinese-American, so the dances combined modern dance and hip-hop with wushu and taichi. Although I've only gone to very few wushu classes before, I could definitely see its influence. Katharine was splendid, of course, and afterwards there was free food so it was good all around.

Then we went to a performance by the Big John Blues Band in a newly-opened venue in the 798 Art District here. The band is new, formed in 2007, but the members were all hand-picked by the frontman, and many of them have long and fruitful histories in the Chinese music scene. We chatted with the drummer afterwards (he lived in NYC for a year, so he and Franci immediately hit it off), and then went to Lush, where we end 2/3 of our nights.

I will now leave off with some pictures taken on some night of lounging, probably around 3 am. There is no reason for these pictures. I just think we look rather representatively sleepy and lazy:

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