Sunday, April 13, 2008

after the lights went out

Waiting for 11 pm yesterday night was likened by some to waiting for Y2K eight years ago -- by 10:55 pm, those of us in the Stanford lounge were all sitting in anticipation, scrambling to get homework done, awaiting the darkness of electricity-less-ness. The lights turned off a few minutes late, so for a while we were afraid it was going to be just as anticlimactic as Y2K turned out to be. But luckily we were wrong :D

I played my first ever game of Chinese Chess last night at around 11:30 pm, by the light of one flashlight in the lounge. It was like a (really high-tech) middle school camp after lights out - watching a scary movie on a laptop, playing games by flashlight, and navigating around our rooms by the light of our cell phones. I want to play more xiang qi!

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jitteryjumpyjen said...

Oh Helen! That sounds like so much fun!