Wednesday, April 16, 2008

washington roulette

Tibet, from China's POV

(check out page 3 especially)
(taken from Che's posted items on Facebook)

After Chinese class some Beijing guy came up to me + Pokey + Barry and asked us if we could please help him out, he was trying to get tickets to an event, but you had to have a Beida student ID to get tickets and he wasn't a student. We looked at the flier for the ticket he wanted, and lo and behold, it was for President Hennessy's talk on Monday here at Beida (he's the president of Stanford). Pokey and Barry decided to help him :P

I don't think the guy had any idea we were Stanford students--students from any other school would probably have no idea who Hennessy was and wouldn't be too eager to help a random guy get tickets to a random event--but he got lucky I suppose.

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