Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Criminal Justice Law Class

I'm in class right now, one of the BOSP Beijing content classes. Our classes are all Stanford classes, catered to Stanford students, and taught in English. The teacher for this criminal justice class is a professor from the Peking University Law School. He studied in Germany at some point in his career, so he likes saying "JA" as a filler, which I slightly prefer to the Beijing "ERR" sound, but after a while it's also not so novel.

Three-hour-long fuzzy lectures are killer. I'm not used to mandatory attendance! I'm a big fan of techie classes where doing well on psets and exams is sufficient. Class is entirely optional, and sleeping in class is quite normal, or bringing laptops and Gtalking all the time. Well, I guess I do have my laptop now and I do spend most of the three hours Gtalking, but I do mildly resent having to be in class from 9 am to 12 pm.

I am looking forward to lunch! and purchasing train tickets to Shanghai for next weekend :D

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