Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I <3 Skype

I have discovered that Skype is kind of amazing.

Prior to this discovery, all communication was conducted via IM or email, which really isn't so bad. However, especially now that I am in the midst of RCC interviews (I need housing next year oh noes) Skype is just awesome.

I Skyped with my mom yesterday, and it was our first voice conversation since I arrived in China a month ago. Oops. Apparently my accent in Chinese is becoming more mainland Chinese and less Taiwanese. Dammit China, I want my Taiwanese accent back!!

Oh yes, Skype in the news (although this is unrelated to my recent discovery of its general awesomeness as a service):
Luxembourg, 21st April, 2008 – Skype announced unlimited* calling today to over a third of the world’s population with the launch of its new calling subscriptions. The new subscriptions signal the first time Skype has offered a single, monthly flat rate for international calling to landline numbers in 34 countries.

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