Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obligatory Food Post

- in chronological order, coincidentally also in increasing order of amazingness by location (i.e. skip to Part III for the fancy stuff)
- apologies for low resolution, my 10MB camera takes pictures that are far too large to upload in the original

Part I:
Little Cafe in the Central Business District (CBD)
Total cost: 13 RMB/two people (~$1 pp)

  • dumplings

  • 揚州炒飯 Yangzhou fried rice

Part II: International Student Cafe at Renmin University
Total cost: 90 RMB / 5 people, 9 dishes (~ $2.57 pp)

  • Kristine and 小籠包 xiaolongbao

  • 拉皮

  • Japanese style tofu

  • seaweed

  • sweet batter fried corn

  • 京醬肉絲 (tofu skins and pork with sweet sauce)

  • spicy Sichuan veggies

  • 土豆絲 shredded potato

  • 疙瘩湯 (soup with clumps of flour.. I didn't translate that right)

Part III: 大董烤鴨店 & 鼎泰豐 - Da Dong Peking Duck & Din Tai Fung
Total cost: 805RMB / 4 people, 7 dishes + drinks + 4 desserts (~$28.73 pp)

  • Helen and I with the menu (essentially a big studio picture book of food)

  • 春筍 bamboo shoots

  • 宫保蝦球 kungpao shrimp

  • jellyfish

  • unknown veggie

  • cod buried in salt bonsai garden

  • cod excavated from salt bonsai garden but now wrapped in leaves

  • tofu soup

  • condiments for Peking duck

  • wrapper for Peking duck

  • cutting up the Peking duck

  • Peking duck, in pieces

  • this is how to wrap Peking duck

  • Peking duck wrapped and finally ready for consumption

  • 杏仁露 almond dessert

  • fruit atop smoking dry ice

  • Wrigley's gum served on a plate

  • almond tofu shaved ice

  • combination shaved ice


Helen said...

says yao:

[1:32:25 PM]: your food blog
[1:32:27 PM]: is killing me
[1:32:29 PM]: T_T

jitteryjumpyjen said...

this is killing me too! I especially like the gum on the plate, so funny!