Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Healthy Beautiful Happy Gym

The gym here is called 康美樂, which literally translates to "Healthy Beautiful Happy". I can only aspire to be so awesome at naming gyms.

Anyways, Helen and I have been trying to go every day, since life is less busy here than at Stanford. We succeeded Monday through Thursday last week, failed Friday through Sunday, and have been succeeding this week so far :)

It's interesting to see the set up. There are maybe twenty treadmills, but only four ellipticals, two of which are broken. Not much love for the ellipticals here, I guess. The machines are all lined up against a mirror wall, and on the opposite side there are dance studios where classes such as belly dancing are conducted. My treadmill today was in the perfect location for me to watch the belly dancing class in the mirror. The instructor is male, he likes wearing training-bra-like tops, and he is very exuberant. Take a look:

A less exciting part of my 6km (! crazy! that's the most I've ever run in my life) treadmill run today was the less-than-fragrant guy on the treadmill next to me. He smelled bad as soon as stepped onto the treadmill, before he even started exercising :( When he came I had a very vigorous debate with myself about whether or not I should leave, but my desire to get into shape won out over my poor nose's discomfort, so I got to observe him a little while longer. He was wearing a collared shirt with a pocket in which he put his mp3 player, and khaki shorts, not quite normal gym attire. He ran for about two minutes, then straddled the track as it kept going, and did random squat stretches; stopped the machine, started it again, slowly, and picked up a little bit of speed; then started snapping his fingers and pointing at an invisible crowd and throwing out his arms like a wannabe pop star. It was glorious. He must have been having an excellent make-believe concert.

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