Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Similar to the Facebook status changes I noted last time in my Tibet post: support for China on MSN

It's really quite difficult to post these things, because Blogger is blocked, Techcrunch is blocked, I have to go through proxies to view most vaguely blog-like objects on the Internet...

The past few days have been super busy. Had dinner at Tsinghua University (MIT of China) with an old friend - the campus there is quite beautiful. Will post pictures sometime.

Tracy and I visited USITO (United States Information Technology Office) today, an NGO that acts sort of as a lobbyist to help American tech companies gain permission/contracts to enter the Chinese market. It has something like 50 US member companies, including eBay, Cisco, Microsoft, Freescale, etc. We learned a ton of interesting things about governmental regulations on technology in China and how difficult it is for foreign companies to work here.

This post lacks actual content, but now I must go shower. Just got back from the gym, and dinner + pub quiz in half an hour :P Leave a comment/email us if you are actually interested in learning more about either the tech market in China, or in getting a basic sense of what the government's views are regarding technology.

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